Protection of Privacy
To ensure our customers a secure and pleasant shopping experience, Yonetomi Seni will use personal information such as addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses solely for the purpose of processing orders, and will not release customer information to third parties.
Use of Personal Information
Yonetomi Seni will use personal information provided by customers solely for the following purposes:
・To confirm customer identity, to process orders, and to provide other company services.
・To provide information regarding featured items and promotional offers via email, post or other communication mediums.
・To improve our company services or develop new services.
・To carry out other activities related to our corporate operations.
Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties
To enable our company to fulfill the purposes detailed above, we may share personal information provided by customers with outside contracted companies or affiliated companies.
*“Outside contracted companies” and “affiliated companies” refers to credit card companies to whom we communicate payment information, delivery service companies we contract to deliver our products, and companies which manage our inventory.
Disclosure of Personal Information
We will not disclose personal information except when legally required to provide such information to a public institution such as a court of law or a law enforcement agency.
Safety Control Measures
We manage the personal information of customers in a responsible and secure manner. We have precautionary measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to, or the loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of personal information. In the unlikely event of a security breach, we will take immediate action to rectify the situation. We strictly comply with all laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information. Please note that this Privacy Policy is subject to change without notice.
Inquiries Regarding Personal Information
We will respond in a reasonable and timely manner to requests from customers to provide notification or clarification regarding the use of personal information, to amend personal information, to cease usage of or delete personal information, or to withhold personal information from any third parties.
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