First launched in the 2010 autumn/winter season, COOHEM originated as a factory brand of Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd., a respected knitwear manufacturer based in Yamagata prefecture. The COOHEM brand name is derived from kōhen, a Japanese term referring to the technique of knitting together a variety of different materials to create unique woven textiles, and it is this technique which COOHEM utilizes to produce the original knit tweed fabric that has become a brand-new expression of traditional wear. By integrating sophisticated analytical programming with the creative process of combining colors and materials, and by complementing the experience and skills of veteran artisans with the inventiveness and fresh vision of younger staff, we have realized a new style of knit textile creation that brings the efforts of many individuals together into a cohesive whole. We care about how our clothes look and feel, and are engaged in a constant pursuit of greater quality and innovation with fabrics that are ever more distinctive and luxurious. Our entire production process is conducted on-site at our factory location, and we are pleased to provide consumers around the world with the best that Japanese craftsmanship has to offer.

Ken Oe (President, Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd. / COOHEM Director) After living in Yamagata prefecture, one of Japan’s leading producers of knit fabrics, until his graduation from high school, Ken Oe went on to study marketing, design and fabrics at college. Following his employment at a multi-brand fashion boutique, in 2007 he joined his family business Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd., a long-established knitwear manufacturer also engaged in OEM ventures with many reputable Japanese brands, where he became involved in the planning and development of knit textiles. Focusing his attention on the many original vintage textiles developed during the company’s long history, he saw the limitless possibilities of knit tweed fabric, and to realize his vision, in 2010 he launched the in-house COOHEM brand. He was awarded the Tokyo Fashion Award in 2016, and since 2015 he has represented the Yonetomi Seni company as he has worked to promote the Japanese factory brand within Japan and throughout the world.


Yonetomi Seni Co., Ltd. is a knitwear manufacturer founded in 1952 in Yamanobe town, Yamagata prefecture by Ryoichi Oe, grandfather of current company president Ken Oe. With our own knit textile development department, Yonetomi Seni currently has an archive containing tens of thousands of original textiles. The knit textile development technologies we have developed over the course of over 40 years have enabled our company to achieve a level of quality unsurpassed in the global industry.
Using these technologies to carry out every step of the production process, from fabric and product development to commercial production, on-site at our factory location in Yamanobe town, Yonetomi Seni is involved in product planning, production and sales as an OEM and ODM, as well as the manufacturer of an original in-house brand. Our COOHEM brand, and the peerless designs and textiles of Yonetomi Seni – made possible by 65 years of history, innovative technologies and outstanding craftsmanship ­– have earned the trust and attention of fashion brands and multi-brand boutiques throughout Japan and the world.