Leisurely Life and Summer Knits

Perhaps it’s because I grew up in a snowy region of Japan, but I’ve always loved the idea of living in a warm place by the sea. In this particular town, which is not far from Tokyo, the mountains are quite close to the sea, and many people relocate here to enjoy life at a leisurely pace. Being surrounded by the blue ocean and wide-open sky on one side, and the verdant green of the mountains on the other, makes you feel calm, and relaxed. It feels like a luxury to bask in the warmth of spring and the heat of summer in this beautiful natural environment.

On weekday mornings I take a walk along the beach in the morning, then catch the train into the city for work. On weekends time is not a concern, so I relax with a book on the beach. My daily routine is unremarkable – but it is comfortable. And in a world that seems to change at a breakneck pace, what many people wish for is a life that is comfortable, even if it may not be remarkable. When I took a moment to stop and reflect, it was the languid passage of time in this town that invited me to reconsider what I desired from my daily life.

There is something about casually pulling on a summer knit that feels very similar to the relaxed lifestyle that appeals to so many of us. Breezy and cool but with definite character, lighthearted and unpretentious, a casual summer knit may not be remarkable, but it is comfortable, and the perfect accompaniment to life in a leisurely-paced town such as this.


Photography_Ko Tsuchiya
Styling_Nobuko Ito
Hair & Makeup_Nori Chibana
Models_Keiju (WOLF ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY) / UNI (mille management inc.)

Art Direction & Design_Motoki Koitabashi (akaoni)
Web Design_Yuka Matsuzaki (akaoni)
Direction_Akihiko Kanke (kankeischa)
Text_Ken Oe

Special thanks to the people of this district